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5th Noh Theater Collaboration "The Crown of Roses"

The first big performance of 2023. The 5th Noh theater collaboration "The Crown of Roses". Please enjoy the collaboration musical theater of opera and Noh that gracefully blend together.

Date: June 4, 2020 (Sun)

13:00 open, 14:00 start, 16:30 scheduled finish

Place: Umewakakai Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Umewaka Noh Academy Hall

2-6-14 Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0003

Phone 03-3363-7748


All seats reserved 11,000 yen (tax included)

* The performance pamphlet will be distributed free of charge on the day.


300 people (subject to change due to lifting of restrictions on the number of visitors by the government and Tokyo)

*Preschool children are not allowed to enter

* Please let us know in advance if you are in a wheelchair.

* It may be canceled or postponed depending on the status of the new corona infection.


Part 1 "Rose Garden

Rose Oiran Douchu New Kyogen "Thornless" Kyogen Small Dance "Rose Rose

Part 2 "Rose Bureau

Kyokusui no Utage Mad Language "Flower Battle" Creative Dance "Hikaru Genji Rose Dance


Cite Akio Awaya (Noh actor Kita school, comprehensively certified as a holder of important intangible cultural properties)

Otsuzumi Komei Iitomi (Okura school of Noh Kotsuzumi)

Otsuzumi Ryotaro Tsukuda (Takayasu style of Noh drum)

Kyogen Tadashi Ogasawara (Noh Kyogen Style Izumi School General Certification as an Important Intangible Cultural Property Holder)



Maria Seiren


Sunny Mitzy Hinano Miku


Gakuto Sawamura


MO-TOY Daiten WadaOu

Drama Club

Kazuki Mio Shinmura Takumi Yamazakyna


Himari Ogawa (Theatrical Company Himawari)

Mika Katayama (Theatrical Company Himawari)

Amane Nobori (Theatrical Company Himawar)


Meguru Ota

First Violin

Rino Ando

second violin

Satori Kamiyama


Harune Shibata


Harumi Irie

Irish Flute

Kozo Toyoda


Inaba Yasube Yasunori

General Director/Director:

Uemura Bunmei

Music Director/Composition/Arrangement:

Hiroyuki Takei

Creative Dance Supervision:

Genjiro Okura (16th head of the Okura School of Noh Kotsuzumi-kata Important Intangible Cultural Property Holder Individually certified Living National Treasure)

Noh Teaching: Akio Awaya

Kyogen Instruction: Tadashi Ogasawara

Japanese dance instruction: Risho Nishikawa

Costume Design and Production: Gasho Yamanaka (Kanze School of Noh Theater)

Noh costumes by Sora Yamanaka

Collepetitor: Miwako Idane

Vocal Music Instruction: Yuji Shida

Hair & Makeup: Mieko Ueda

Lighting: Yusaku Hakamada

Title: Yuko Okuma

Flower design and production: Yuriko Nakajima

Organizer: MondoParallelo Opera

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