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3rd Noh Theater Collaboration “Goyokubana”

Date and time: Sunday, June 26, 2020

Doors open at 13:00 Doors open at 14:00 Scheduled to end at 16:30

Location: Umewaka-kai Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Umewaka Noh Gakuin Hall

2-6-1 Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0003

Telephone 03-3363-7748 tickets

All seats reserved 11,000 yen (tax included)

*Performance pamphlets will be distributed free of charge on the day.


300 people (subject to change due to the lifting of restrictions on the number of visitors by the government and Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

※ Preschool children are not allowed to enter

*If you are in a wheelchair, please let us know in advance.

* Events may be canceled or postponed depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection.


Part 1 (Yoshiwara garrison)

New operetable Kyogen "Bohachi" Jubei, the unscrupulous owner of the courtesan, is said to be the inhuman Bohachi, and he teams up with Ukifune, a spear-tebaba who uses courtesans, to be a masterful man again tonight. They were planning to extort money from the customers using pipes, but the thieves disguised as customers of a large store offered to redeem the woman with the money they had stolen from Jubei's storehouse, but they were discovered by the Senryobako trick, and a huge commotion developed. Comedy opera.

Songs: "Jubei and Ukifune" (from Oiran Opera "Hanaen"), "Salve Regina", "Goodbye Nocturne", "La Califa", " Aria on the G String", "Cheers Song" (from the opera "La Traviata"), "Bare Bare De Arisu

Part 2 (Fishing spot)

New operetta "Tsurikichi" A Umibozu who dresses up as a monk and drinks a lot of alcohol finds an immortal mermaid among the fish caught by a fisherman at a banquet. They find it and try to seize it by pretending to exorcise evil spirits because it is unclean meat, but instead they are all turned into small octopuses by the mermaid's magic and their spirit is sucked out.

Songs: "Song of the Bad Sailor" (from the opera "Syrena of Sorrow"), "Radetsky March", "There is no true peace in this world", "Nuova Cinema Paradiso", "Albinoni's Adagio", "Nella Fantasia", "Caruso", "Amore Sei Tu


Vocal music club

Tenor/Soprano: Maria Seiren

Soprano: Sunny Mitsuko Masaoka

Tenor: Gakuto Sawamura

Baritone: MO-TOY

Bass-baritone: Yudai Hosaka

Drama Club: Mio Kazuki, Takumi Shimmura, Yamazakina

      TAKAKO  Mayu

Child actors: Himari Ogawa, Hikari Nanbu, Mika Katayama

Kyogen master:

Tadashi Ogasawara (Nohgaku Kyogen style Izumi style general designated holder of important intangible cultural property)

Hiroaki Ogasawara (Nohgaku Kyogen Kata Izumi School)


Conductor: Nobuki Okumura

1st violin: Rino Ando

2nd violin: Riri Kamiyama

Viola: Harune Shibata

Cello: Harumi Irie

Irish Flute Kozo Toyoda

General director/director

Fumiaki Uemura

Music director/composition/arrangement

Hiroyuki Takei


Miwako Idane

Nohgaku instruction

Akio Awaya(Nohgaku Shite Kata Kita School General Designated Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Properties)

Kyogen instruction

Ogasawara Tadashi(Nohgaku Kyogen style Izumi style general designated holder of important intangible cultural property)

Vocal music instruction

Takehiro Shida

Hair & Makeup

Mieko Ueda Kaoru Yoshida Harumi Maeno Sanae Satomi


Yusaku Hakamada


Yuko Okuma

Flower design/production

Yuriko Nakajima


MondoParallelo Opera Company

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