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4th Noh Theater Collaboration "Sakura Momiji"

Sakura Momiji is the season word for autumn. The first part is opera songs and Kyogen with Yoshiwara Oiran as the main character.

The second part consists of an omnibus combination of opera and film songs and creative dance set in Suma.

This is a rare, one-time only performance, so don't miss it!

* All concert performers and related parties will undergo a PCR test in advance before appearing and participating.

*The event may be canceled, postponed, or without an audience depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection.

*We have decided to implement the following measures for the performance.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the staff's instructions.

*Please read in advance.

Click here for the new corona infectious disease measures on the day

Date and time: November 3, 2020 (Thursday/holiday)

13:00 open, 14:00 start, 16:30 scheduled to finish

Place: Umewakakai Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Umewaka Noh Academy Hall

2-6-14 Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0003

Phone 03-3363-7748


All seats reserved 11,000 yen (tax included)

* The performance pamphlet will be distributed free of charge on the day.


300 people (subject to change due to lifting of restrictions on the number of visitors by the government and Tokyo)

*Preschool children are not allowed to enter

* Please let us know in advance if you are in a wheelchair.

* It may be canceled or postponed depending on the status of the new corona infection.


Part 1 "Looking at Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Leaves"/New Operetta Kyogen "Yubikiri"

The streets of Nakanomachi on the main street of Edo Yoshiwara are crowded with people who love the crimson Satozakura (cherry blossoms).

When the Oiran of Omise Kikyoya pledged her love to her customers, she cut off her pinky finger and handed it over to gain the trust of the customer. Deception and wisdom comparison with customers who question the courtesans who repeatedly cut their fingers.

This is a comedy comedy that takes hints from rakugo's ``Sanmaikisho'', ``Akedori'' and ``Gonin mawashi''.

Look forward to the popular Oiran Dochu.

Songs: "Fuyajou Yoshiwara", "Kitsune no Utage" (both from Oiran Opera "Kaen"), "Absolute Queen", "Make me cry" Please" (from the opera "Rinaldo"), "Bad Sailor's Song" (from the opera "Sorrowful Sirena ~Forbidden Love~"), "Laughter and Spend Boogie", "Today is Single", "La Japonese" "other

Part 2 "Unkin" New creation "Unkin no Mai

It begins with the appearance of Shirabyoshi Dochu from Agemaku.

The pattern in the preface of the Kokin Wakashu, in which the mountain cherry blossoms of Yoshino in spring are drawn as clouds and the autumn leaves flowing in the Tatsuta River as brocade, is called Unkin Monyo.

The shite who fell in love with the nobles who were exiled to Suma no Ura, the stage of Noh "Matsukaze" and "Suma Genji", went backwards Under the transparent cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, we will dance "Unkin no Mai" to say our last goodbye.

The collaboration of the string quartet, the musicians, the shite's dance and the Italian chorus of the jiutai chorus gracefully blends together, centering on film music, and invites the Noh theater into a different world.

Songs: "La Califa", "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso", "Amore Say To", "Nella Fantasia", "Scarborough Fair", "Titanic", "Ai no Hymn", "Seeking You", "The Broken Thread" (both from the opera "Sorrowful Sirena ~Forbidden Love~"), etc.


Site Akio Awaya (Noh actor Kita school, comprehensively certified as a holder of important intangible cultural properties)

Flute Shintaro Sugi (Morita style of Noh flute)

Kotsuzumi Genjiro Okura (Noh kotsuzumi-kata 16th head of the Okura School of Noh Kotsuzumi, individually certified Living National Treasure holders of important intangible cultural properties)

Otsuzumi Keinosuke Okura (Noh Otsuzumi Style)

Kyogen Ogasawara Tadashi (Noh Kyogen Style Izumi-style General Certification as an Important Intangible Cultural Property Holder)

Hiroaki Ogasawara (Noh Kyogen Izumi Style)


Tenor/Soprano: Maria Seiren

Soprano: Mitzy MiKu

tenor: Gakuto Sawamura

Baritone: MO-TOY Daiten

Bass-baritone: Yudai Hosaka

Bus: Nakayama mondo

Drama Club:

Kanzuki Mio Shinmura Sawami



Yomari Ogawa (Theatrical Company Himawari)

Hikari Nambu (Himawari Theater Company)

Katayama Mika (Theatrical Company Himawari)

Special Guest: Mayu (Magician)


Kaichi Tanabe

1st Violin: Rino Ando

2nd Violin: Kanae Tanaka

Viola: Yuzuki Takayama

Cello: Harumi Irie

Irish Flute Kozo Toyoda

Percussion Yasunori Inaba Yasube

General Director/Director

Bunmei Uemura

Music Director/Composition/Arrangement

Hiroyuki Takei

Creative Dance Supervision

Genjiro Okura

Noh Instruction

Akio Awaya

Kyogen instruction

Tadashi Ogasawara

Japanese dance instruction

Risho Nishikawa

Costume design and production

Gasho Yamanaka(Kanze School of Noh)

Costume production

Sora Yamanaka


Miwako Idane

Vocal Instruction

Yuji Shida

Hair & Makeup

Mieko Ueda Kaoru Yoshida Harumi Maeno


Yusaku Hakamada


Yuko Okuma

Flower design and production

Yuriko Nakajima


Komachi Hair WOLKS LIKE MAGIC lnc.


MondoParallelo Opera

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