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Returning to TBS “Monitoring” on August 24th!

TBS who appeared last time and became a hot topic

Human observation variety “Monitoring”

What kind of song will you sing this time? Everyone, please look forward to it!

☆ Maria Seren “Monitoring” appearance information ☆

━━━━━━ Maria Seiren appears on TBS “Monitoring” again! ━━━━━━━━

Tomorrow, August 24th (Thursday), popular project of TBS "Monitoring", get 10,000 yen with 95 points or more

Unreleased parts of the transparent karaoke BOX project will be broadcast!

We are also trying new songs, so don't miss it♪

And don't forget to record!

━━━━━━ Maria Selen “Monitoring” appearance information ━━━━━

Broadcasting station TBS

Program name Human observation variety “Monitoring”

Starring Black Mayonnaise Ryuichi Kosugi Takashi Yoshida

Kotaro Koizumi

Haruna Kawaguchi

Takashi Sasano


Haruka Minowa Haruna Kondo

Broadcast date: 8/24 (Thursday) 20:00-21:57

━━━━━━Click here for missed “Monitoring” delivery━━━━━

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