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Maria Selen appears on TBS "Monitoring"

Thursday, June 15, 20:00~Maria Seiren appears on TBS "Monitoring"! ━━━━━━━━Popular project of TBS "Monitoring", you can earn 10,000 yen with 95 points or moreMaria Seiren participates in the transparent karaoke BOX project! Well, how many marks can Maria Seiren get at karaoke...!? ? Don't miss it♪ And don't forget to record it!

The following is introduced on the TBS "Monitoring" website.↓↓↓☆ A transparent karaoke box where you can earn 10,000 yen for 95 points or more... Go to Kochi for the first time in Shikoku!The annual champion with the highest score will receive a prize of 1 million yen! !"Yosakoi" starring challenger in flashy costume!and! A very unique opera singer also participates and fascinates ...! Get excited with high scores!

Maria Selen Appearance InformationBroadcasting station TBSProgram name Human Observation Variety "Monitoring Black Mayonnaise Ryuichi Kosugi Takashi YoshidaKotaro KoizumiHaruna KawaguchiTakashi SasanoEXILE NAOTOHaruka Minowa Haruna KondoBroadcast date 6/15 (Thursday) 20:00-21:57

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