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“Monitoring” this time in Aichi!

[Maria Seiren appearance information! ]━━━━━━ Maria Seiren will appear on TBS “Monitoring” again! ━━━━━━━━On September 14th (Thursday), Maria Selen will be appearing in the popular TBS “Monitoring” project, a transparent karaoke box project where you can win 10,000 yen for scoring 95 points or more! The stage this time is Aichi Prefecture.Don't miss it♪ And don't forget to record it!

━━━━━━ Maria Seiren “Monitoring” appearance information ━━━━━Broadcasting station: TBSProgram name: Human observation variety “Monitoring”

━━━━━━ Click here for missed “Monitoring” broadcasts ━━━━━Download the app!●TVer

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